Nutella Original Series:  Spread the Happy

The Spread The Happy series is part of an overall brand programming partnership with Ferrero's Nutella.  The episodic, multi-season digital series first launched on Nutella's Facebook page, with promotions on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.  New audiences were engaged through social platforms, publishers, ad networks, with various PR efforts, and an integrated partnership with The Ellen Show. 

In the weeks following the November launch of Spread the Happy season 1, Nutella recorded record sales.  In an increasingly crowded holiday marketplace, the series was directly responsible for a 10% year-over-year boost in sales for the month of December. 

In terms of KPI’s the work outperformed every benchmark, totaling over 20MM views across multiple digital and social platforms.  Additionally, the series:

  • Over-delivered on reach, engagement, and video completion
  • Earned millions of clicks, shares, comments, likes, etc.
  • Sparked social awareness and discussion as well as increasing brand lift
  • Maintained a low cost-per-view, at under $0.03 for all but cut-downs

The promotional elements of the campaign, including a Spread The Happy contest through The Ellen Show, reached millions more users, many of whom were unaware of the brand's dedication to those bringing joy to others. 

Season 2 of Spread the Happy is currently in production. 


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